Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I'm retaking Inventive Drawing with Will Weston. We have to design a pirate crew. These are what I have so far. They needed to have reptile side kicks or even be reptile pirates. I'm doing some more this week.

The guy in the middle has a bag of frogs that hes using as ammo.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My story

This is some stuff from my story that I've been working on in Screenwriting and the Storytelling TDS. That's all I will say.

Vis Dev Project 2

This is my second assignment from Visual Development with Michael Humphries. The assignment was 1950's Cannery Row at night a guy is performing under a streetlight in front of a bar on a fogy night.

Bg drawing

Color Studies


Vis Dev Project 1

This is the first assignment from Vis Dev with Michael Humphries. The assignment was a prop room and the caretaker. The fg had to have circus props, mg western and bg just random various props.
Final Image

Some Randoms

Innocent old lady and tranny girl scout

Jim Henson and Kermit. I'm so glad I'm not a muppet.

It should be obvious by now that I like drawing old people.
Some witches

Sexy old woman

Old Man Ideas

These are some character ideas from my first vis dev assignment.

Quick Drawings

Did some 60 second cat drawings from this site i found on another blog. It's cool you give yourself a time limit then move on to the next pose.

The Outcast

Someone doesn't fit in.
A couple extra bats making fun of the vampire


I watched the Big Lebowski last night. John Goodman has the best lines and Jeff Bridges is great.

People Watching

If you see me watching you at school its either because i have a crush on you, or I'm drawing you. It could be both. check if i have a sketch book with me before making any assumptions.