Monday, December 29, 2014

Star Wars: Rex

My nephew is obsessed with everything Star Wars and loves Star Wars: The Clone Wars. So I drew him as Rex  (one of his favorites) for Christmas. He seemed to like it.


My niece wanted a drawing of Legolas from Lord of the Rings so I made her this for Christmas.

It's been a while..

So I've been working this past year and some months as a designer at Wild Canary on a new show called Miles From Tomorrowland. The show airs next year (2015) on Disney Junior, which is really close. I'm super excited, the show looks great and I work with a lot of amazing artists.

Here's the trailer:

So whether it was just warm ups or just trying out new brushes, I have random sketches on my computer. Since I can't share what I've done for the show I figured I'd share some of those.